Terms and conditions of Mountainia MGC

Mountainia MGC is an open society of the UIAGM mountain guides acting individually in the business. They jointly perform promotion as the Mountainia Mountain Guide Company and individually act towards the customers. Each of them is a self-employed person and issues a separate tax document after guiding.

Tour purchase

  • Purchasing the ascents, tours and stays of the Mountainia is performed via the website by filling in the form, sending an email with an inquiry or after a phone contact. Once the inquiry is received, the customer is contacted again and the inquiry is specified in more details as well as the tour or stay is selected including its parameter setting. Should the tour parameters are changed against those mentioned in the offer of tours or stays, the price may be different. Once the ascent is finally specified, the customer is sent an email including the account number and amount, which is to be paid as an advance payment for the tour or stay. A proforma invoice may be issued for the advance payment.
  • A tax document will be issued for the customer after termination of the tour or stay.


    • The tour dates are fixed according to the stay type or are agreed individually depending on the actual conditions and weather.
    • If the date is agreed for the given tour and weather or conditions are improper for its execution, the mountain guide offers a new date.
    • The customer may ask for an alteration of date maximum 14 days before the tour, if the date was agreed individually.
    • If it is the case of a stay with a fixed date, any alteration of date is impossible.
    • If the customer cancels the date of the tour, the cancellation fees will be applied.

    Cancelation fees

    If the customer cannot participate in the tour on the agreed date and alteration of date is impossible, the cancellation fees will be applied as follows:

    • 20% of the price, when the customer announced minimum 1 month before the date (80% of the amount is given back)
    • 50% of the price, when the customer announced minimum 14 days before the date (50% of the amount is given back)
    • 100% of the price, when the customer announced less than 14 days before the date (no amount is given back)

    Cancelation by guide

    • If the mountain guide cancels the tour, always all amount is given back or a new date is offered to the customer, if circumstances allow to do so.
    • If the tour is cancelled prior to its starting based on the mountain guide recommendation because of bad weather, all amount is given back.
    • If the customer cancels the tour during its execution, no amount is given back.
    • If the tour is cancelled because of bad weather during its execution and the customer was informed about this eventuality in forward, no amount is given back.
    • The conditions may also be agreed individually, if the given tour requires to do so. Otherwise, the above mentioned conditions are applied.


      • Each mountain guide is insured against his clients up to the benefits amount of 10,000,000 Eur.
        Despite, we recommend to take out a complementary insurance of the client for each tour date because of self-inflicted insured event occurrence.
        An insurance may be taken out online or via SMS on the www.union.sk website

      By purchasing, each customer agrees with the above mentioned Terms and Conditions, the processing of personal data and publishing photos from the tour on social media.

      Mountainia MGC